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Bubbles Curriculum is a complete solution to the Modern Preschool Education. It comprises the first ever Day-wise Play school curriculum and teaching methods for nursery, Pre-primary 1 (LKG) and Pre-primary 2 (UKG). Developed through years of research, Bubbles preschool curriculum provides well- planned schedule for teaching the children of ages 2-6yrs with care and fun.

Play school curriculum India, Nursery Syllabus, Pre-primary Syllabus, Kindergarten Curriculum, LKG, UKG Syllabus

Note : Only Nursery Supporting books are colored inside
This package is a wholesome guide for best educational practices involved in early childhood education and increases the quality of your preschool education to great heights. This is a handy tool for your teachers to know “what to teach”, “when to teach” and “how to teach”. This nursery curriculum comes with supporting books with attractive pictures to make the learning interesting and entertaining for kids. Rhymes, coloring sheets and everything will be included. There will not be any necessity for more study material.Buying this curriculum would be one step solution to all your preschool curriculum needs.
Whether you are starting a new Play school or running one, the syllabus for preschools plays a major role in operation. Bubble day-wise play school syllabus has been designed for a Joyful learning experience for kids providing them the right dose of knowledge and fun.

A word from our curriculum developer about Joyful Learning at Preschools

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  1. i want to start my play group own. can i use ur story book and on that our playgroup name will get mention is there any option or what should i do plzeeeeeeeeeeeeeee help rivert back me . your website help me a lot n other people like me its oswam

  2. P.Ravi Shanke says:

    we want to buy the books and curriculum ,kindly plz help me .you can call me 9652160933


    Can you please send me complete details of offerings like books CDs etc. and with price of each item

  4. Anand Kumar says:

    Hi. i am planning to start up my own play school. But i am cornered thinking about the curriculum. I am really happy finding your add reg Bubbles curriculum. Could you please send me the rate for the editions. Thank you.

  5. sumit mangla says:

    pleas give me information about charges of one year curriculum for pre nursery , nursery , & k.g.

  6. Planning for a playgroup. Read your article, please share me pricing and other details for books offerings/packages.

    • Partha Sen Purkayastha says:

      I m planning for play & pre school. Plz help me by sending the price of One year curriculum from play group to ukg including the cost of books and every bit of details.

  7. hi i am opening my own pre-school play group and nursery would you plz give me information about curriculm and books charges.

  8. Please provide me the details of your curriculum and other informations related to it ASAP.

  9. Hello i m interested in starting a play school,can u please tell if i can join BUBBLES family?

  10. RAJESH GUPTA says:

    I want to know complete detail to set up a play school. Also provide me the information about curriculum and books charges.

  11. naomi ukeredi says:

    please i need to upgrade my nursery to morden standards please send me the details in order to obtain this juicy curriculum

  12. arvind giri says:

    please tell me how , i can join BUBBLES family?

  13. ankamm narrasaiiah says:

    well designed program.

  14. Vipul Dutta says:

    Planning to start a Pre School, read about your curriculum. Request you to pls Kindly provide the details regarding same.

  15. Hi Am planning to start pre-school of my own with an good quality .would like to have your valuable advice and suggestions and would like to be part of bubble’s family.
    Please revert back.

  16. Meenakshi Rohtagi says:

    Looking for a preschool curriculum. Please email me the details

  17. Can i get the detail for ur curriculam a bit urgently

    Contact detail 8082150784

  18. Madhuri Patnaik says:

    hello.. i’m planning for a play school and want to know about the price of bubbles syllabus and other details of play group, nursery and k.g.

  19. Dharmesh Lakkad says:

    Helo, I am planning to start a Play school. Kindly share details of curriculam package and charges to implement the same.

  20. hi i have already started preschool but finding it difficult to put manual hours in getting the curriculum ready .please help me with the best options and your terms and conditions.

  21. Please let me know what will b the price for 1year curriculum for play group to UKG. And how I can transfer the money.

  22. hi i have opened my play school . i want to know the package price of books.

  23. Vinay Bhardwaj says:

    hi, i have opened my play school but so much confused about syllabus, can u pls help me on this matter……

  24. vivek jaiswal says:

    i have 2000sq.feet place at first floor. i want to start a play school. please guide me what is the minimum amount at which i can start my own play school ,also what are the basic necessity required to start a play school ?

    with regards

  25. pratap singh bhadouriya says:

    I want to open a play school in Indore, Madhya Pradesh, pls provide bubble curriculum cost and provide soft copy for ref of curriculum

  26. Give me curriculum infrntn and charges of books..

  27. I would like to start a play-school cum day care center. will you please let me know how I can use your curriculum/sylaabus and the cost involved in being able to use it

  28. Nandini Iyer says:

    I have started my play school and nursery , would want to know about the curriculum and books edition you provide

  29. Subhamoy Guha says:

    Sir I like to run my own play school by using your logo and name. What should I do for that. Please inform me hoe I can contact with you.

  30. Deepa Sharma says:

    Hey! went through the complete details menetioned here and would like to add your curriculum in my pre-school.. could you please guide me how to proceed. Thanks

  31. prativa pandey says:

    I want to open play schools .please guide me what is the minimum amount to start my own play schools.and what is the price of 1year of curriculum for play group to UKG.
    mob: 9701857085

  32. Hi..I am opening my own play school. .can you plz tell me about ur daywise curriculum n other details. .


    hi i want to know the package price of books.I am planning to start a Play school. Kindly share details of curriculam package and charges to implement the same.

  34. Kanchan Rewale says:

    I am interesting in starting a preschool, would u plz email me information about curriculum & books charges, also what are the basic necessity required to start a play school ?

  35. Pl give me details of your support on Curriculum, its broader content and the charges for textual material and that for an audio-visual equipped Smart Class.

  36. Sir, i would like to get a copy of this carriculam to start a pre primary school in R R dist in A P state would pls help me

  37. May I know what would be the cost for playschool and nursery curriculum for one year(14-15)

  38. i would like to start a pre school as my own could you please help me to develop the curriculum according to my own views

  39. I have a daycare. We are planning to start playschool from nect academic year. Can give me the information about your books and curriculum.
    Thank you

  40. Can you please send me complete details of offerings like books CDs etc. necessary items required for curriculum and also send price of each item

  41. Hi,
    Planning to start play school with nursery
    Would you like to share curriculum frame work and charges for the same

  42. Refana Shamim says:

    Want to enquire abt ur syllabus curricular daily lesson plan and work books.waiting for ur reply

  43. I am looking forward to start a playschool.So,I am interested to know about the rates of your curriculum for playgroup to UKG section.kindly help me with the details

  44. Prashant Saxena says:

    Good day,
    I plan to open a play school & am unable to decide whether I should take a franchise or open a new one. Kindly help out.
    Prashant Saxena

  45. aangan play school says:

    plz provide me the currriculam and other stationary for new session

  46. Hi,
    Planning to start a play school with nursery
    Would you like to share curriculum frame work , Materials and charges for the same

  47. Hi , Is there any play activities included in the curriculum?!Is there any facility to train the teachers via online?could we avail books for all the children?what are all the subjects included for each cadre?If so, what would be the cost? Is there any additional arts,crafts and music activities available?

  48. Hello sir/ mam,

    I would to know many things but starting with the curriculum. Thank you.

  49. Please lets know the price and procedure to purchase my no is 9502460421

  50. Pl contact for preschool curriculum. Ph:8050801623

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  52. Kamlakar Pawar says:

    I want to buy your books and curriculum. Please send me charges. This is my contact number 9405748705.

  53. I want to buy curriculum plz contact me on 9988000200

  54. sanchita haldar says:

    I want curriculum of pre-nursery and nursery class

  55. pls tell me about preschool curriculum. and charges for that.

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