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Bubbles Curriculum is a complete solution to the Modern Preschool Education. It comprises the first ever Day-wise Play school curriculum and teaching methods for nursery, Pre-primary 1 (LKG) and Pre-primary 2 (UKG). Developed through years of research, Bubbles preschool curriculum provides well- planned schedule for teaching the children of ages 2-6yrs with care and fun.

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Note : Only Nursery Supporting books are colored inside
This package is a wholesome guide for best educational practices involved in early childhood education and increases the quality of your preschool education to great heights. This is a handy tool for your teachers to know “what to teach”, “when to teach” and “how to teach”. This nursery curriculum comes with supporting books with attractive pictures to make the learning interesting and entertaining for kids. Rhymes, coloring sheets and everything will be included. There will not be any necessity for more study material.Buying this curriculum would be one step solution to all your preschool curriculum needs.
Whether you are starting a new Play school or running one, the syllabus for preschools plays a major role in operation. Bubble day-wise play school syllabus has been designed for a Joyful learning experience for kids providing them the right dose of knowledge and fun.

A word from our curriculum developer about Joyful Learning at Preschools

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  1. i want to start my play group own. can i use ur story book and on that our playgroup name will get mention is there any option or what should i do plzeeeeeeeeeeeeeee help rivert back me . your website help me a lot n other people like me its oswam

  2. P.Ravi Shanke says:

    we want to buy the books and curriculum ,kindly plz help me .you can call me 9652160933


    Can you please send me complete details of offerings like books CDs etc. and with price of each item

  4. Anand Kumar says:

    Hi. i am planning to start up my own play school. But i am cornered thinking about the curriculum. I am really happy finding your add reg Bubbles curriculum. Could you please send me the rate for the editions. Thank you.

  5. sumit mangla says:

    pleas give me information about charges of one year curriculum for pre nursery , nursery , & k.g.

  6. Planning for a playgroup. Read your article, please share me pricing and other details for books offerings/packages.

  7. hi i am opening my own pre-school play group and nursery would you plz give me information about curriculm and books charges.

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